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Artist Drawing Landscape

What is Art Therapy 

The combination of art creation and professional psychotherapy provides a comfortable and safe space, a medium for the treatment of psychological distress and the promotion of mental health. Through artistic creation, clients can express and recognise their own feelings, learn to face negative emotions, deal with emotional conflicts in the past, strengthen their self-awareness, learn to develop social skills, and thereby improve their self-esteem and attitude towards life.  
(treatment should be conducted by a registered art psychotherapist)


Benefits of Art Therapy 

Negative emotions are hard to describe, artistic creation can avoid the self-protection mechanism of general public, they can express true feelings and thoughts. In addition, it is helpful for people who lack of vocabulary, poor cognitive ability or have difficulty in verbal expression. Clients can often enter the subconscious through artistic creation, and this internal experience can often help them to get inspiration and understand the entanglement of life. There is no right or wrong in artistic creation, enjoy a higher degree of freedom than traditional courses. It is not about the aesthetic level, more importantly the communication and experience.


Who are applicable?

Art therapy emphasises personal experience and the creative process rather than the work itself, so the person receiving art therapy does not need to have any artistic experience or background. Through interaction, the service can reach people of different ages, classes, abilities, race and needs.


Service​ Type
Art Therapy assessment (1 hour)

One-on-one session (1 hour) 

Group Therapy (1.5 hrs)

Art Psychotherapy

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