About Art Facilitation, Art Education and Art Psychotherapy 

Duration: 2 hours

Target:20-150 participants


Art Facilitation Workshop

Duration: 3 to 7 hours (it can be adjusted according to different themes) 

Target: 15 - 50 participants

Venue: Negotiable

//Explain "Art Brut"

//The relationship and function between art and human

//Four targets of facilitator ​

//Three stages of brilliant facilitation 

//Three principles of facilitator

//Demonstration of art workshops and group experience

Long Term Course

Teaching in classroom from the scope of Psychodynamic 

Course introduction

Nowadays students might be demanding, irritable, destructive, self-centered, and capricious, these behavioural problems are meaningful in understanding the psychosomatic development of students. It would be more beneficial for teachers to understand the "codes" inside. The purpose of this course is to use "life event" as the main materials, participants in the optional course (at least 6 sessions), through a variety of artistic activities, games, practice and thinking training, learning the psychological dynamics (Psychodynamic) theories, face teacher's own emotional needs, and also apply to students so as to improve the quality of education, also the relationship between teachers and students.


10-15 teachers

Duration per lesson:

1.5 hours

Teachers Training

Private courses are welcomed, minimum 4 persons/group